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The Tradition of la Michoacana

It's what's on the inside that counts

Traditions span far and wide, from recipes to music, hairstyles, and family, La Michoacana is a simple way to keep traditions alive.

By embracing both cultures and staying connected with their roots, to Pasar La Paleta, you are not only keeping the tradition alive by ‘passing down’ a paleta with your loved ones - you are letting them into the world of Mexican-inspired traditions. 


We help you create and reminisce your family's best childhood moments in the comfort of your own home, park, sidewalk (or anywhere really) with the people you love! 

At La Michoacana we produce high-quality and innovative paletas, Coolstix (traditionally known as bolis), and vasitos (cups), spreading felicidad throughout thousands of retail stores in the United States. Our paletas have real ice cream and/or inclusions like fruit, nuts, and chocolate that you can see and taste in every paleta, bolis, or cup.

Because we know it's what's on the inside that counts.

La Michoacana Limon Paleta Lime Frozen Fruit Bar Popsicle
La Michoacana Mango Paleta Ice Cream Bar Popsicle

La Michoacana's History

It all started in a little town in Mexico...

It was just a matter of time before the paleta made its way to the United States. Over 25 years ago, our founder began making paletas and distributing them from his pushcart in central California. The name La Michoacana and the image of the little girl from Michoacán that identified his paletas soon became a trusted and preferred brand across the country. 

Today, quality, flavor, and ongoing innovation continue to be the key pillars of our iconic brand. Located in Modesto, California, our company, La Michoacana, produces and distributes paletas, CoolStix™ (traditionally known as bolis), and other frozen novelties that are hand crafted with fresh cream, a wide variety of fruits, and other quality ingredients like walnuts, pistachios, and rich chocolate. Our products are available throughout thousands of retail locations across the United States.

It is the combination of delicious flavors, consistent quality, and ongoing innovation that makes us worthy of the name, La Michoacana.

La Michoacana Original Logo La Niña Paleta
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