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Q: What is a 'paleta'?

A: The literal translation is... well, there is no literal translation because, there is no equivocal word in the English dictionary. However, we can explain that it's a frozen fruit bar on a stick, or ice cream bar on a stick, or frozen treat on a stick, the commonality is that it's frozen goodness on a stick.

Q: What is a 'paleteria'?

A: A paleteria is more than just an ice cream scoop shop, it has a plethora of paleta options, it also tends to offer an assortment of fruit snacks, creative and innovative munchies, agua frescas, and so much more.

Q: What does '¿y tu paleta?' mean?

A: Like a lot of Mexican sayings, this has a double meaning. The literal translation is 'and your paleta?' (don't know what a paleta is? See our response to the FAQ 'What is a paleta?'), the other meaning to this can only be explained by emerging you a bit into our cultura. In certain regions of México, when someone asks for too much and them some, one can answer simply by saying "¿y tu paleta?" sarcastically meaning "sure, and what else?". 

Q: How do we contact La Michoacana?

A: Visit us, tell us or call us, our info is in the 'contact us' page.

Q: How can I sell La Michoacana brand products in my business?

A: Start by filling out the 'Become A Retailer' form​, it'll be forwarded to your local brand representative to discuss opportunities.

Q: How can we open a La Michoacana Franchise?

A: We do not offer franchise opportunities at this time. 

Q: Where can we find your paletas? 

A: Our distribution network is so big we can't name all the tienditas where La Michoacana products are sold, but we've included our bigger retailers in the 'Where to Buy' tab.

Q: Where is your nearest paleteria location? 

A: Our production facility is located in Modesto, California, but we do not have paleteria locations. 

Q: What is the Paleteria Experience?

A: The #PaleteriaExperience is sharing the tradition of flavor exploration with those that matter the most.

Q: Do you sell to the general public?

A: No, we don't. We sell directly to distributors and retailers.

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