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Exciting News: Jarritos and La Michoacana Team Up for New Paleta Flavors


Get ready to experience a delightful explosion of sabor with the new paletas from La Michoacana in partnership with Jarritos. This unique collaboration brings together the rich heritage of Mexican flavors with the refreshing twist of Jarritos' iconic refrescos. Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect:


Tamarindo: As refrescante as your mami's jugo de tamarindo, this paleta brings back magical recuerdos of childhood. Indulge in the delightful tamarindo flavor, reminiscent of Jarritos, and share the alegría with amigos and familia today.


Mandarina: Brighten up your day with our mandarin-flavored paleta, the perfect balance of sweetness and cítrico. Each bite is like sunshine on a stick, offering a joyful sorpresa for your taste buds.



Piña: Get a taste of paraíso with our pineapple-flavored paleta, brimming with fresh piña chunks. The perfectly tropical delight will transport you to your own little slice of paraíso.



These new paletas bring the perfect sabores for familia gatherings, summer fiestas, and moments when you want to share a sonrisa with your loved ones.

Be sure to grab yours and at the nearest grocery store.



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