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How La Michoacana Celebrated National Food Bank Day

Every year, 1 out of every 8 Californians does not know where their next meal will come from; today, Paleteria La Michoacana is honoring National Food Bank Day to help those in need.

When you think of food banks or donations in general, we immediately think of canned goods, as well as fruits and vegetables, but very seldom do we think of desserts.

Those in need are just as deserving of an ice cream bar as anyone else.

We here at La Michoacana hope to bring the satisfaction and joy of having a paleta (ice cream bar) after a warm meal.

Meet The "Pay De Limón/Key Lime Pie"

"We've taken all the traditional ingredients from the Mexican version of a Key Lime Pie," says Rosalba Mann from La Michoacana, "and put them into an indulging paleta, with the iconic galletas maria."

Our team prides itself on sharing the love and culture behind our products, as well as promoting flavor exploration. Key lime pie is no stranger to one's dessert menu; we've perfectly crafted it into a grab ‘n go dessert.

Bringing the Paleteria Experience a Todos

Reports have shown that Californians throw away nearly 6 million tons of food scraps or food waste each year. Our team continuously strives to minimize food waste throughout our production process, as well as consistently donating to local charities and food banks throughout the Central Valley.

Just recently, La Michoacana donated over 70,000 paletas to the Merced County Food Bank. The food bank's mission is to improve the health and well-being of Merced & Mariposa County residents affected by hunger.

"It's difficult for frozen processors like us to donate product due to the freezer capacity some food banks may have," says Martha Gonzalez, Marketing Manager. "For example, Feeding America West Michigan states on their website that they had to reject over 250,000 pounds worth of frozen food in 2019; double that for 2018. From our recent experience, many of our local food banks did not have freezer capacity to accept an ice cream donation."


PLM Operations continues to encourage consumers to embrace flavor exploration when selecting their next paleta flavor. This experience is something one would have at a traditional paleteria, in which La Michoacana proudly brings into our local food banks.

If you are a local food bank or know of one that is accepting frozen treats, please contact us through


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