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How To Eat A Bolis

If you've been in the ice cream aisle of a grocery store, chances are you have seen these. If you are not familiar with what bolis are, don't worry! La Michoacana is here to share the #PaleteriaExperience.

What is a bolis?

Bolis, also known as a CoolStix, is a fun way to enjoy ice cream! Simply put, it's ice cream in a tube. Bolis are one of the best ways to enjoy the #PaleteriaExperience.

What kind of bolis flavors are there?

Bolis come in many authentic flavors like traditional Rompope (Rum Raisin) and tropical Coconut. You can even find them in various flavors like Strawberries and Cream (Fresas con Crema), Coconut (Coco), Bubble Gum (Chicle), and Lime (Limón). There are so many flavors to explore!

How do you eat a bolis?

Step 1. Explore a new flavor

Flavor exploration is one of the pillars of the authentic paleteria experience. It brings a new and fun way to excite your taste buds with undiscovered flavors. Who knows – you might even find your next favorite flavor by trying a new one out.

Step 2. Defrost your bolis

If your bolis/CoolStix is a bit too frozen, not to worry! Submerge your bolis in water for a few seconds to allow it to slightly melt.

Step 3. Open your bolis

If you grew up with bolis, you might remember biting it on the side. That's one way to open it! You can also grab a pair of scissors to open at the top to make it even easier.

Step 4. Enjoy

The #PaleteriaExperience is all about sharing the tradition of flavor exploration with those that matter the most. Enjoy your bolis with friends and family at home or on the go!

Where can I find bolis near me?

Use our store locator below to find bolis La Michoacana at a tiendita near you.


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