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Top 10 Mexican Ice Cream Flavors to Try

Summer is finally here!

This summer is all about exploring, especially when it comes to new flavors. This year, try any of these Mexican ice creams from the comfort of your own home or on a picnic at the park!

At La Michoacana we strive to bring the authentic paleteria experience to you, whether at home or on the go. But what is the paleteria experience? The paleteria experience is sharing the tradition of flavor exploration with those that matter most.

1. La Michoacana - Dairy-Free Coco y Fresas Con Crema Paletas

Yes, we have dairy-free ice cream! Dairy-free, pero flavor-full! We took out the dairy but left all the things you love about our classic Coco and Fresas con Crema ice cream bars. And did we mention the real fruit chunks? YUM.

2. La Michoacana - MangoHelada Cups

It’s THE ice cream treat to try this summer. Dive into a refreshing paleteria experience with a unique product that awakens your senses. A mango frozen sorbet made with real mango swirled with chamoy and topped with mango chunks and chile powder. Our Mangonada vasito delivers sweet, salty, spicy, and tartness all in one spoonful!

3. Helados Mexico - Cinnamon Churro Pint Ice Cream

Helados Mexico’s ice cream pints are perfect for sharing and for those with a taste for Mexican tradition. These cinnamon churro pints have a little touch of Mexican magic. Helados Mexico added the traditional treat of fried dough, sugar, and spices to their ice cream to give you the best of both worlds.

4. La Michoacana - Frechera Cups

Miss the Fresas con Crema vasitos from the plaza? Well, now you can dive into our Frechera cups anywhere! Our strawberry sorbet cups topped with real strawberry chunks will take you on a journey swirled with sweet condensed milk in every spoonful!

Don’t believe us? Believe the panel of testers for Parents Magazine! Parents Magazine voted our Frechera Cups as the Best Single-Serve Cup in their "10 Latin-Inspired Paletas, Ice Creams, and Frozen Treats to Keep You Chill All Summer" list. Testers say they loved the chopped-fruit topping and wooden scoop!

5. Helados Mexico - Deluxe Vanilla with Mango Cream Paletas

Helados Mexico’s ice cream bars have chunks of mango so huge you can see them clearly from Mexico. And they have the creamiest cream ever to be put in a paleta.