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What is a Mangonada?

Looking for a summer treat to help you cool off? Look no further than the Mangonada! The mangonada is perfect for sunny days, or even just when you're craving some tropical flavor.

Mangonada is a Mexican dessert made of mango sorbet and chamoy topped with chili powder.

Our mangonadas are made with real mango chunks and chamoy, delivering a sweet, salty, spicy, and tartness all in one bite. You can choose how you want to experience the authentic mango chamoy flavor with our paleta or cup version.

What is chamoy?

Traditionally made with a blend of fruits, chamoy is a sweet and spicy sauce that adds a complex flavor to the Mangonada. This is a flavor combination that you'll have to taste to believe! For an extra kick, you can even add more chamoy sauce of your own and chili lime spice.

Our Mangonada paletas went viral on Tik Tok, with people adding extra flare to their paletas to make it even spicier.


Tik Tok by SassySylvia916

How do you eat a mangonada cup?

There are two ways you can enjoy it.

  1. Pull the paleta stick out of the cup and use it as a spoon.

  2. Pull the mangonada out of the cup and eat it like a popsicle.

Either way, enjoy your refreshing dessert!


Find Mangonada paletas and cups at a store near you with our store locator and follow us on social media @LaMichoacanaYTu.


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