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Fun Ways to Eat Paletas This Summer

Paletas, a traditional Mexican treat, are like popsicles but better. Paletas are a frozen Mexican treat made with natural fruits, such as mango, strawberry, coconut, and more.

What sets paletas apart is the variety of ingredients they can be made from – fruit and cream, nuts, chocolate, cookies, and even jalapeños!

Whether you're looking for a traditional paleta or something new, we know you'll enjoy these fun recipes to try this summer from our past guest food bloggers!

Cheese babies paleta punch recipe



  • In a glass, pour in the juice

  • Unwrap the paleta

  • Stir the paleta in the cup for a minute and the paleta punch will be created

  • You can add in your favorite herbs like mint or basil

Sweet Life Bake: Mango Coconut Paleta Mocktail Recipe

"Mango Coconut Paleta Mocktail might be my go-to summer treat! Made with only two ingredients: mango paletas and coconut sparkling water."


  • 4 La Michoacana Mango paletas

  • Chilled Coconut sparkling water

  • Fresh mango slices for garnish


  1. Place one mango paleta inside each glass.

  2. Top with chilled coconut sparkling water.

  3. Garnish with fresh mango slices.


The best part about these recipes? You could switch out the Mango paleta with any one of your favorite paleta flavors. The possibilities are endless: Mamey, Fresa, Lime, y mas! You could even go the spicy route by using a Mangonada popsicle. ¡Qué delicioso!

Find all your favorite paleta flavors at a store near you with our store locator. ¡Feliz verano!


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