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La Michoacana + Cheese Babies: Paleta Punch Recipe

We are so excited to feature the following recipe made by Sonya and Hira, young chefs of the Cheese Babies! The following is their Paleta Punch recipe they created to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with us here at La Michoacana. The following guest blogger is Krystal, Sonya's and Hira's mom, recipe developer, and food photographer of Casa Desai.


I have the best news for you! This is the best time of year! It’s National Ice Cream Month. For a whole month we get to indulge in our favorite frozen treat. We are so excited for this post because it will tell you about not just any ice cream but our favorite La Michoacana Paletas.

Paletas are a Mexican ice cream bar, which first appeared in a town called Tocumbo, a fertile sugarcane state in Michoacán, Mexico. Paletas are typically made of water or milk, sugar, fruit (usually fresh), and natural flavorings such as vanilla extract or cinnamon.

It's often eaten like an ice pop; however some people eat it with a spoon from the container which can be served in paper cups or glasses with lids to keep it frozen until ready to serve. An example of these types of popsicles would be La Michoacana's Mangoheladas, Frechera, and Piña Loca frozen fruit cups.

We have got a spin on Paletas that will satisfy all your cravings. It's easy to make and perfect for those hot summer days when you just want something cold, sweet, and refreshing.

Grab you favorite La Michoacana Paleta and lets make Paleta Punch!

Cheese babies paleta punch recipe



  • In a glass, pour in the juice

  • Unwrap the paleta

  • Stir the paleta in the cup for a minute and the paleta punch will be created

  • You can add in your favorite herbs like mint or basil

Watch us make Paleta Punch here:


Be sure to follow Sonya and Hira of the Cheese Babies on Instagram to find the best vegetarian and vegan meals here:


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