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La Michoacana Lime Paleta Punch Recipe

We're so excited to have this spooky recipe from our guest food blogger Denise Favela, HechoVistoComido!


Paletas are not just for the summer. They can be enjoyed all year long, especially when used in drinks and cocktails. For our spooky get-togethers, I decided to make Mexican Monster Punch by using La Michoacana’s Lime Paletas.

This punch was inspired by my favorite cocktail, Midori Sour and it was a hit! Using my favorite lime paletas, I created the perfect sweet and sour punch for you and your guests to enjoy during this spooky season.


6 Lime paletas (slightly melted)

2 Cups of pineapple juice (chilled)

½ Midori (chilled)

¼ Cup of Vodka (optional)

1 Liter of Ginger Ale

4 Cups of ice

Start by adding then proceed to add chilled pineapple juice and lime paletas, and mix. Then add Midori, vodka, and ginger ale. Lightly mix and serve. Salud!


You can follow Denise and all of her delicious recipes on Instagram and Tik Tok. Denise Favela is a trained social scientist and graduate from the University of Southern California’s Politics and International Relations program whose work focuses on culture as a strategic point for immigrant political engagement.

Today, she uses her extensive research background, and longtime passion for Mexican gastronomy and history to share both traditional and nuanced Mexican dishes and their history. She is also a docent at La Plaza in Los Angeles program, Los Navegantes and recipe developer for Northgate Gonzalez Market

Find our paletas at a store near you with our store locator and follow us on social media @LaMichoacanaYTu.


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