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La Michoacana Releases New Limited-Edition Line-Up

Paleteria La Michoacana “raises the bar” with all new flavors for 2021. Being no stranger to the novelty ice cream space, PLM brings authentic paleta flavors to shelves and bunkers in thousands of locations across the country.

New flavors allow the company to hone in on the concept of flavor exploration among consumers, which is one of the key experiences of walking into a traditional Paleteria (ice cream shop).

The new limited-edition flavors are unique in flavor as well as in presentation. La Michoacana is introducing a never before seen 50/50 bar in a 6-count pack. The company is also introducing the first 6-count variety pack to the market.

Kiwi-Fresa – Kiwi-Berry

Strawberry or Kiwi? Why not both! La Michoacana’s Kiwi-Fresa is a sweet (and sour) treat that you can enjoy on the hottest of all days and the coolest of all nights. Our 50/50 frozen fruit bar colors are just as powerful as their flavor.

Tropical Dragon-Mango, Piña Colada, Jamaica

Go on vacation every time you open a box of Tropical flavors. Flavors include PiñaColada, Dragon Fruit with Mango, and Jamaica Agua Fresca (Hibiscus Iced Tea). Experience a tropical flavor and color palette that is just as good as it is vibrant.


Limited-edition offerings feature:

· No High Fructose Corn Syrup

· No Artificial Flavors

· No Artificial Colors

· Fruit Chunks

· Gluten-Free

· Dairy-Free

· Non-Gmo

· Above all, a true #PaleteriaExperience

But the fun and flavor exploration does not stop there - These newcomers will be replacing their predecessors, Piña Colada and Horchata with Strawberries.

However, PLM has made the Piña Colada and Horchata with Strawberries permanent flavors due to popular demand.

“Our limited-edition flavors do not always become permanent,” says Martha Gonzalez, Marketing Manager, ”but we’ve been getting so many requests both on social media and in direct messages, that we had to listen.”

About La Michoacana

Paleteria La Michoacana produces and distributes paletas, CoolStix™ (traditionally known as bolis), and other frozen novelties, delivering an authentic paleteria experience at home or on-the-go. La Michoacana has the strongest brand recognition among Mexicans and Latinos—for these consumers, the brand logo brings instant nostalgia and memories of their paleteria experiences with those that matter the most.


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