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La Michoacana Releases New Limited-Edition Line-Up

Renowned for delivering the authentic paleteria experience, La Michoacana has introduced some newcomers to their traditional lineup, limited-edition flavors Horchata with Strawberry and Piña Colada.

“La Michoacana provides traditional and authentic flavors giving our current customers, as well as food explorers, unique and inviting combinations to try,” says Paul Storke, VP of Sales from Paleteria La Michoacana.

“Our lineup prides itself on delivering traditional and authentic flavors, providing our customers a sense of nostalgia,” says Paul Storke, VP of Sales, Marketing, & R&D from Paleteria La Michoacana. “With our new limited-edition products, we hope to inspire consumers to explore familiar flavors differently.”

Horchata with Strawberry

Horchata is no stranger to those familiar with traditional Hispanic agua frescas, although they may not be entirely familiar with the concept of enjoying an agua fresca “on a stick.” With the inclusion of strawberry chunks in the paleta, La Michoacana puts a spin on traditional taste, enhancing the overall experience alongside their small-batch in-house horchata mix to create an authentic flavor.

Piña Colada

When you say “Piña Colada” it’s like tropical music to everyone’s ear. The coconut shreds and pineapple chunks speak for themselves, delivering a refreshing taste that blends the past and present with innovative flavor, featuring cane sugar, coconut cream and pineapple in every bite.

“We don’t want just to make a paleta,” says Rosalba Mann, Product Development Manager, “we want people to experience the flavors that we grew up with.”

Consumers can find these limited-edition flavors at select Wal-Mart and HEB locations, with other retailers quickly jumping on board and introducing these items to their customer base.

About La Michoacana

Paleteria La Michoacana produces and distributes paletas, CoolStix™ (traditionally known as bolis), and other frozen novelties, delivering an authentic paleteria experience at home or on-the-go. La Michoacana has the most brand recognition among Mexicans and Latinos—for these consumers, the brand logo brings instant nostalgia and memories of their paleteria experiences with those that matter the most.


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