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La Michoacana Celebrates Women's Equality Day

In honor of Women's Equality Day, La Michoacana partnered with The Mujerista to host a charla, known as a support circle, to highlight Latina mothers.

What is The Mujerista?

The Mujerista is a new media platform whose mission is to support the next generation of Latinas by celebrating Latina's talents, aspirations, achievements, and courage. The Mujerista works to foster relationships and provide support for the Latina community.

Within this community, we brought together members of The Mujerista to discuss their experiences as Latina mothers. The Mujeristas enjoyed some paletas, all while discussing culture, family, and motherhood.

And in celebration of Women's Equality Day, we want to highlight the Latina mothers who participated in our charla!

Claudia Ramos: Graphic Artist, Product Designer, and Entrepreneur

Creator of the stationery brand Hola Mijas Bonitas, Claudia illustrates and designs her characters influenced by her life growing up in Los Angeles, CA. Her main goal is to bring inclusivity and diversity with her stickers, washi tapes, and more. Her goal is to create an empire with her brand Hola Mijas Bonitas and bring happiness and joy to everyone.

Karina Mora: Fine Art Photographer and Entrepreneur

Karina Mora is a Mexican American photographer invested in helping people see beyond the stereotypes and into the heart of who Mexicans are, one piece of art at a time. She visits cities across Mexico and tells their story through photos.

Victoria Aguilar: Tax Strategist and Entrepreneur

Victoria Aguilar is a small business expert and tax professional with ten years of experience working to help people keep more of what they earn. She is passionate about teaching the importance of tax planning and strategies.

Paulette Piñero: CEO, Coach, and Speaker

Paulette is a Latina Leadership Coach, owner of Lead Media LLC, helping Latinas achieve the career they deserve through personalized coaching and management consulting. Paulette's ultimate mission is to create a world where leadership is diverse, purpose-driven, and joyful.

To learn more and join The Mujerista community please visit


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